The CGT announces that AENA will benefit in their accounts in two weeks

The secretary general of the CGT Aena, Juan Antonio de Andrés, announced yesterday, told El Faro, which the company will present their accounts in two weeks and that they will benefit. Andrew said that the surplus shall be at least 1,500 million euros and considering that Aena airports are buying outside Spain, "no logic" cuts being implemented by the Spanish airport network it manages.

Therefore, Aena Viability Plan "not justified" and therefore, despite being happy with the judgment of the High Court on forced removals, which El Faro reported extensively in yesterday's edition, they will use the decision to the Supreme Court to consider the viability plan must be declared invalid in its entirety. The cancellation of the criterion of permanence based on temporary contracts for workers to be transferred affect, he said De Andres, more than 20 employees, but added that Aena will have to review all the forcible points system.

For its part, informed Aena CCOO El Faro who are studying if they appeal the judgment of the Court.