In defense of the Bolivarian Revolution

All organizations committed to the Venezuelan Revolution

In recent months we have seen, with the death of Chavez, the most reactionary sectors have tried to undermine the gains of the Revolution.

Conquest not only important for the Venezuelan people, but also for the Spanish working class. They represent a way to build an alternative. The expropriation under workers' control of factories and companies, on a whim of its previous owners closed. The improvement in access to college and reducing illiteracy. All these achievements and are a big step for a country like Venezuela. But also, especially in the workers' control would be a major step in our country where entrepreneurs sell us that the only way out of the crisis is to cut.

More of the same. Also, the same people who supported the coup of 1936, also said the same. They said the only way to Spain "progressed" was with social cuts on the working class. It is striking that, authors who claim to work for a Republic of Workers in our country, are now writing for the reaction:

"The Venezuelan government used state resources for political campaigning. According to the NGO, Public Space, the government controls 49% of the media. About six TV channels and 200 radio stations, they went to report on the achievements of the "revolution." The various presidential speeches, reported on the "merits" of his administration and the need to continue, even though the Bolivarian Constitution establishes the alternation of power. "Laura S.Leret.

These criticisms and argue for themselves what they want to a sector of the Venezuelan bourgeoisie: ending social gains when Capriles take power. In this case the author was saying fight here for a "Workers' Republic" while in your country (Venezuela), with machetes, just supporting entrepreneurs in power.


The process by which living Venezuela and Counter- Revolution is very similar to that of the Second Spanish Republic . On the one hand the sectors that want to keep their privileges and other working class trying to get their highest aspirations . We have a critical defense posture of the process. As noted above , the gains have served to reinforce the alternative system that excludes us . But this process does not have to keep it simply , we must deepen .

We must put under worker control all supply companies and freight . Centralizing this control through a workers' state and expropriate , under democratic control of the workers , all other information channels . If workers , through the right to freedom of expression that employers only use for fear of losing all in any protest assault hard working , can manage their own newspapers and what information would need private media ? What need would " ensure the right to freedom of expression "? The problem is that the same as using undemocratic means to destroy the revolution and getting majorities respecting U.S. funding , not otherwise know how to live without subjugating the private media .

What's worse is that, in this situation , some organizations "alternative " and " The Old Mole " have allowed these authors write feeding opportunism. We assume that if an organization as veteran of the movement has made this "mistake" , we must assume qu

and many others as well. We must therefore insist on reporting opportunism where it is committed.

So do this open letter to all organizations involved really left with the Venezuelan Revolution with the aim of :

  • Extend the mobilization in the State Spanish occupation factories closed or will close .
  • No Capriles or Venezuela or Spain ! Report what is really happening in Venezuela .
  • Do not feed the opportunistic opportunism on this issue or any other .
  • Criticism itself revolutionary . Criticism and debate have always been present in the labor movement , but such criticism between different concepts is not in defense of reactionary positions .

Ascensión Leret
Manuel Rodríguez Leret
Xosé Estévez Leret