AENA Against Lies!Sabsa nationalizing Live!

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The nationalization of the subsidiary Sabsa by Evo Morales has revealed interest in the extranjero.AENA AENA is a public company that is responsible for the management, maintenance and new infrastructure proposal if necessary. However, not under democratic control of workers, or workers or workers AENA the Spanish State, the end is managed like any other business with their heads and their managers.

It is for this reason as it has diverted public funds for airport construction without any social purpose (see Fabra). But, one of the great companies with great benefits, not only would serve the airline industry. If workers really will control the company's profits could be significantly improved health and education, as well as other social services. For entrepreneurs who carry for 2 years insisting on the privatization of the company is a treat with investment opportunities in the future. They are the same throwing attacks that "there are too many workers" or "too many airports."

 Yes, we do not deny that there are airports that do not serve, but there is no leftover workers and the distribution of work must be guaranteed by the workers themselves and the need to obtain maximum benefit from the heads of AENA prevents any negotiation in this term. Union leaders most responsible those who organize more workers should demand that companies like IBERIA be expropriated and passed under the control of the workers and companies like AENA is put under worker control.

As we explained Virgilio Leret, a great revolutionary not only in the field of aeronautical engineering but also in defense of the working class: "Art No. 14 shall be the duty of the Union work organization aviatorio so ordered; canceling parasitism, provide any work and extended to all components and absorb all the possible number of unemployed "" Art # 10: Being the rationalization of work and producing the best means of economic management and in general of all manifestations of vitality the Union will absorb and engage in a single template across industries and organizations that are related to aeronautics "

Two years ago the family of Virgil Leret Ruiz AENA denounce the situation following the documentary lie Blue Knight . A lie because it does not reflect who was Virgil or Leret family . As almost all video data in default of Virgil, and his family or in concealment thereof, in addition to assume a family environment where your players have wanted to know or as to the reality documentarse.En family , was a cultured family both in the arts and in the sciences , where his daughters were piano career that their matched with other professions ( teacher and nurse and working in the UK and Switzerland , etc. . ) The other brothers , who remained on the Republican side , one was economist , another mathematician and member of the CNT and another member of the Madrid Regional Defense CNT- FAI . Meanwhile, Carlos Leret Ubeda remained loyal to the Republic being recognized in various publications of the time .

At the other extreme we Carlota O'Neill as Francoist authorities themselves , " remained three years and nine months in prison, he served as a correspondent for the weekly jail Redemption " ( AGA Source : Archives Administration ) . The weekly publication Redemption was the Franco regime in prisons. When asked for the transfer of the Association for Orphans Infantry School at College of the Mothers Cristo Rey explained , among other things that " Spain opens his arms to his repentant children because God so provides , all goodness and mercy and spirit of justice and approval of the Leader " (Sources AGA.Destacamos Leret the family , with all the sufferings and complaints we can prove the plane did not sell our beloved Virgil may still have copies of them , the planes not sold or fascist or to powers that helped them as was the case in England. therefore have in our custody, copy 3 of the invention of Virgil MOTOTURBOCOMPRESOR REACTION CONTINUOUS handwritten copy with patent number 137729 , is dated March 28, 1935 signed by Virgilio Leret and consistent with the original Jose Garcia Monge , and plans dated July 1, 1935 . such copying , or any other , was in jail in Melilla as shown by the records of objects of the same . No coincides with the date of vídeo.Asimismo , say and prove that the photos shown in the documentary as of July 36 , belong to August 33 . This certifies negligence Historical Memory manipulation by outside economic interests the truth of historical events .

Much would have to discuss and we will in future articles ! . This documentary was made by AENA Foundation 75515'68 spending € ( BOE March 21, 2012 secIII pag 24921 ) . Of this amount , € 70 000 are directed to the company Generation Continuous SL ( AENA Economic Report 2010 ) . Here we see a phenomenon widespread in the sectors of health and education, which is transmitted as rabies Historical Memory : the siphoned public money to private entities acosta memory of the working class . This company is the one responsible for making the video with full documentation of AENA . There's € 5515'68 not seen it anywhere in the budgets as "public " . As denounce this documentary was used by AENA as a showcase for further privatization . Thus, a revolutionary as Leret Virgilio Ruiz , was prostituted and become a mere fetish by specialized journals in economics , of course , never been interested in historical memory . We also denounce here how the bottlenecks in the grants is causing the privatization of Historical Memory . So Aviators Association of the Republic received € 77433'38 this foundation . Of course this foundation , the foundation AENA not defend Historical Memory . If I did so , understand social improvements Republicans pursuing fighters to social revolution . Unfortunately not. Finally, economic dependence implies a program unit to defend.

The Historical Memory is not memory of entrepreneurs, is the working class fighting to defend the social gains that were achieved. Our struggle must be to restore the past to prepare the future. Learning from the successes and mistakes of the past to a battle for the present and the future of the people . The need for Historical Memory associations equip themselves with self-financing methods , as was done in the 30s and 70s with resistance boxes , is more important than ever . For this reason we call on all working to support the aviation sector mobilizations against the lies and misrepresentations that are made from these struggles . A clear support for the struggles that are taking place in IBERIA , AENA and trade union leaders explain why benefits the Bolivian working class , and therefore to the Spanish state , the nationalization of SABSA . If a government like that of Bolivia nationalizes SABSA Why can not nationalize IBERIA ?

We appeal to all associations and active members of the Historical Memory fighting every day to recover the experiences of the working class in the 30's and 70 to reflect and to respond forcefully against those who we want to take our experience. We are willing to discuss any points that do falta.Hacemos appeal to political and union addresses not to yield and take a step forward. The PP , with its clear political elites benefit of entrepreneurs and reactionary , is attacking hard living conditions of workers and implementing legislation to Francoism recede . Thousands of workers fought dictatorship for 40 years to improve the lives of their children and now we want to take. How long we have to wait for answers even stronger ?

The best defense is recovering historical memory control methods of our parents and grandparents taking to the streets to defend what they won and today we try to remove. Fight with the methods of struggle of our parents and grandparents for the state , heir and solely responsible for all the killing Franco , investigate , remove and recover judgments remains of our missing relatives.

Ascensión Leret Vedú and Manuel Rodríguez Leret