Against manipulation in the struggle for the right to self-determination

To us have been taught from childhood, the value that entails respect for the culture, history and customs that were repressed by the Spanish bourgeoisie. We live in line with the situation in Catalonia, Basque Country, Andalusia and Galicia, because we are of these nationalities. This does not mean the defense of the common interests of workers anywhere in the world. For this we have never understood the attacks among workers simply for living in different areas.

In the history of the right to self-determination has always been sectors that opportunistically, have advocated to raise their privileges over the workers. With this we mean that the Deia manipulation, supported by lies Charlotte, Virgilio Leret made a year ago to say I knew Basque, when it was not. This does not benefit the fight for the right of self-determination. The struggle of the people must be supported by sound science based on the analysis of objective reality.

This statement is an insult to those who fight for the right to self-determination. On the one hand downplay linguistic repression had early twentieth century. The fact that we are checking history with more data, is that not knowing Basque Virgilio was a revolutionary who by their actions defended the gains of the working class.

We must bear in mind that when the Irish revolution broke with the spark of 1916 and after the War of Independence in Ireland, no one thought that would take advantage of it. The strength of Connolly, a worker, great revolutionary socialist and his men were determined to petty bourgeois "nationalist" participate in events. Later the Michael Collins and Eamon de Valera betrayed the labor movement for self-determination in Ireland economically conditioned to this day and, basically, politically. The need to resist as hard as possible to all those merchants who play with workers wherever they go, leads us to ask these two questions: The unity of the workers for the Recovery of Historical Memory and the fight that we will have to give in the coming years against the central and peripheral bourgeoisie. Report, publicly, all opportunism that is in terms of historical memory and the struggle of everyday life. We have seen in recent years and with the worsening of the crisis, rise foolish prophets who claim to have the solution. Nobody is going to save more than ourselves and it is therefore important to learn from the past to build the future.

Manuel Rodríguez, Ascensión Leret, Xosé Estévez Leret