The paradox of which were sold to the coup leaders

Carlota O’Neill Lamo
Enriqueta O’Neill Lamo
Regina Lamo Jiménez

The article "The Paradox of which were sold to the coup leaders" is written with the aim of contributing to the recovery of our historical memory. In his analysis is disclosed as the amnesia of our history generated by Franco has caused the appearance of characters, and experts in the nearby Franco uses, are currently involved in the continuity of our history amnesia misrepresenting the facts. They hide, reinvent and Novolan to deform the vision of social and political movements of the Second Republic and Civil War. No missing their continued disdain for those who fought for our freedoms, our Republican minimizing revolutionary about their great work and hiding or lying to other revolutionary figure reaching ridicule them. This opacity saviors and others are erected behind that flag has collective amnesia to hide his betrayal.

This paper shows how some sectors hinder the recovery of our collective historical memory, hiding information adjacent to teach to change the course of events that occurred and to exalt the figure of those who betrayed the struggle of the working class and the Republic. In this line are the Lamo Carlota O'Neill and his daughters Maria Gabriela and Carlota.

We report these facts. They should not go unpunished those who want to maul our history, writings of people and learning of our present and future actions. Partnership with the coup that shot her husband, Carlota O'Neill Lamo, in his mental instability manifests tested and aimed to agresividad1, precipitated in the 60s to conceal their involvement erecting fighter republic, lunging at the who fought for it and our freedoms. This work will lead to as obsessive and absurd journey of cloaking your reality would be even compelled to hide their age, how to falsify the date on which he entered the prison of Melilla, the official request made in 1990 to grant it to the certificate you will be credited the time he had been in prison for financial compensation.

We can also be found as she precipitates in 1979 to apply for widow's pension from her first husband Virgilio Ruiz Leret, when his friends were the coup and granted in 19403.

Lamo Carlota O'Neill and his daughters Maria Gabriela and Charlotte have left many bunches of stories concealment and manipulation of his passing by the Republic, Civil War and Postwar what their vacant racking not they realized that the historical and official documents Republican family would show what so carefully tried to hide; their friendship and involvement with the coup.Strange path chosen by this family!.

The letter of the same title, which will soon in www.virgilioleretruiz and lerethispania.blogstop. com, shells of their fictional stories as focussed only on the information provided we AGA documentation carefully contrasted with that of ATMTS-SC and CDMH.

So we can affirm and confirm that Carlota O'Neill Lamo:

  • complaint Leret her husband Virgilio Ruiz (I shot at the start of the civil war by the rebels), as a person who influenced him in his leftist ideas and even I could prove in the Ministry of Justice.
  • is pardoned by his impeccable behavior and play in prison on by correspondent of the weekly "REDEMPTION" (weekly disclosure of fascist ideas), reducing his sentence 2 years and 3 months.
  • interest and desire to work of censor press with her sister Henriette (mother of Lidia Falcon) that plays a space interim press censor the Provincial Press Barcelona4.
  • his praise to Franco and manifest religiosity.
  • complaint they put her daughters at the school Orphan Infantry Aranjuez without her having given its consent, the fact that belies the official documentation.
  • Declared in October 1940 that think you can get through the Civil Government of Barcelona a place in a religious school for their daughters. Indeed, the Provincial Press Secretary José Bernabé Oliva5 get two parking internal pensioners in school Missionaries of Christ the King.
  • contrary to the right to education of women and social rights, rights for all women and we fought leftist currently struggling, comes to her daughters away of education and their right to a future life of autonomy and equality.



Ascensión Leret Verdú
Mª Carmen Leret Verdú
Manuel Rodriguez Leret
Xosé Estévez Leret


1 See cause 35 de ATMTS-SC
2 Entry nº 26.703/1 Ministry of Defense
3 File AGA.
4 To Henrietta O'Neill Lamo he renews the contract on September 1, 1940. Most likely be working as a censor in Barcelona since 1939.
5 Obstructionist freedoms in the Republic actively participated with the coup against the Republic. After the war continue showing their obstructionist mood being elevated censor ideas and expression; censor of the press.