Eighty years after the coup of July 17, 1936

In recent years the addition of hundreds of thousands of youth and workers to political life has marked a decisive way. mass mobilization, the birth of the tides and the political expression of the movement proves it.
It is no coincidence that now, more than ever, the right has redoubled its attacks on Historical Memory. At a time when workers and youth looking for an alternative for which to fight and try to learn from the mistakes and successes of the past. At a time when all the heirs of Franco institutions have demonstrated the utter putrefaction. It is in these moments, when not skimp means to attack the memory of those who struggle to transform society.

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The paradox of which were sold to the coup leaders

Carlota O’Neill Lamo
Enriqueta O’Neill Lamo
Regina Lamo Jiménez

The article "The Paradox of which were sold to the coup leaders" is written with the aim of contributing to the recovery of our historical memory. In his analysis is disclosed as the amnesia of our history generated by Franco has caused the appearance of characters, and experts in the nearby Franco uses, are currently involved in the continuity of our history amnesia misrepresenting the facts. They hide, reinvent and Novolan to deform the vision of social and political movements of the Second Republic and Civil War. No missing their continued disdain for those who fought for our freedoms, our Republican minimizing revolutionary about their great work and hiding or lying to other revolutionary figure reaching ridicule them. This opacity saviors and others are erected behind that flag has collective amnesia to hide his betrayal.

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Official Attribution Republicans Fighters 1936

As we have spent years claiming the Leret family fought in the civil war. Virgilio Leret Ruiz ended up shot, while his brothers and his father ended up in prison for opposing the 1936 military coup. While some people have tried to falsify history, Leret have achieved a small victory.

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Mentiras del Documental "Caballero del Azul" PARTE I: minuto 0:00 hasta el 15:01

Los documentos que avalan lo que decimos, frente a las mentiras del video:
carlosleretubeda.es y virgilioleretruiz.es

Destacamos la falta de análisis y la falta de datos verídicos y de rigor de análisis. A finales de junio del 36 Virgilio Leret Ruiz y su familia dejan Madrid para pasar unas vacaciones en la Base de Hidros, Melilla. Virgilio, conocedor de que se fraguaba un golpe de estado,

Virgilio volvió a Melilla para defender las conquistas revolucionarias que la clase obrera iba logrando marcando el ritmo de las políticas de los partidos del Frente Popular. Virgilio nace en Pamplona en el seno de una familia ajena a las costumbres de la ciudad.
Su padre, Carlos Leret Úbeda, militar de profesión, que no militarista, era de familia francesa y vizcaína acomodada de la Habana, y el primero de su familia en querer ser militar. Culto, tolerante, luchó por una sociedad justa. Firme en la idea de que el ejército se debe al pueblo y defender su decisión, se posicionaría en contra de la política de Alfonso XIII tanto en las acciones para contener las revueltas del pueblo como las que acontecieron en el protectorado de Marruecos, etc.